Dangerous 3D 1


Dangerous After Dark is a story of loss. Everything Grace has grown to know and love has been taken away from her. She has to leave school because the memory of her attack is too fresh.

Five years later she learns that she isn’t as safe as she had worked so hard to achieve, when a handsome detective tells her that she is one of three girls who may have been attacked by the same man. 
Attacker turned stalker, gives Grace and Detective Patrick a chance to get closer while keeping her safe. 
What will it take for Grace to be safe? Will she have to give up her chance at love? Will she have to give up her “family” in order to keep them safe?

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Trish is a financial advisor working on the biggest project of her career. Little does she know her world is about to be ripped out of control. Between her health issues and life plan, she may not be able to handle what is to come. Brian is a detective who has always been a player in his personal life. After missing out on his chance with Trish he has regretted his life decisions. Now he must figure out a way to get Trish to give him a chance, but her work is overshadowing him. What he doesn’t realize is Trish needs him more than either of them know. Can Trish get through her problems without causing new ones? Is her client asking her to bite off more than she is ready to commit to? Could her family and friends be at risk if she makes the wrong decision?

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Dangerous 3

I will be writing this one simultaneous (that is the plan) to my upcoming standalone immediately following the completion of Shifting Tides of Chaos (The Gateway Saga 2). While it is undergoing editing I will continue writing. With the release for SToC in January I plan to start a process of preorders early and monthly releases (after Jan). Don’t hold me to that but it is the plan. I want to get books out to you all as fast as possible but still leave room for me to have presales. 

2019 is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!

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