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Dangerous After Dark (Book 1 in the Dangerous Series)

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Grace is a young administrative assistant who hasn't had an easy life. She was a victim of a sexual assault as a college student and hasn't trusted men since. She dates, but it feels more like work than fun. She doesn't like to be alone, doesn't like the dark and is always very jumpy. They never caught her attacker and she doesn't sleep well knowing that fact. So now she hopes to move on day by day and be a "normal" adult...whatever that means.

Patrick is a detective who loves a challenge. When work is slow he does a random search through cold cases to find a project. It's the middle of summer, nothing on his desk is pressing and he is bored. So he goes back to his cold cases. He pulls a five year old case of sexual assault. Looks like initially the investigators weren't sure if the victim was actually a victim. After doing some digging Patrick realizes this case is very similar to three others in his cold case pile where the victims were found assaulted and dead. 

Can Patrick solve this case and rescue Grace from always looking over her shoulder and maybe save her from herself? In the process, perhaps show her she can trust men again?

Dangerous Calculations (Book 2 in the Dangerous Series)

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Trish is a financial advisor working on the biggest project of her career. Little does she know her world is about to be ripped out of control. Between her health issues and life plan, she may not be able to handle what is to come.

Brian is a detective who has always been a player in his personal life. After missing out on his chance with Trish he has regretted his life decisions. Now he must figure out a way to get Trish to give him a chance, but her work is overshadowing him. What he doesn't realize is Trish needs him more than either of them know. 

Can Trish get through her problems without causing new ones? Is her client asking her to bite off more than she is ready to commit to? Could her family and friends be at risk if she makes the wrong decision?

Disaster In Love

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Sam, is just a girl like everyone else. She wants to make it through life with minimum hiccups, but her mother is desperate for grandchildren. She understands, but unfortunately just hasn't met "Mr. Right" yet.

In an effort to please her mother, she decides to amp up her dating life. Unfortunately, Sam suffers from a dating curse. No matter who she chooses to date there is something terribly wrong with them. From baby fetishes, strange sexual fantasies, Elvis impersonators, and crazy divorcees and so much more.

Can Sam keep her sanity while enduring each of these dates or will she give up on making her mother happy by finding her happily ever after?

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