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IS THERE ANYTHING STRANGER, THEN A GRANDMOTHER WHO DECORATES THE WALLS IN DOORKNOBS? If those doorknobs are really a gateway of doors that lead to other realms…then maybe. For centuries the Wasley women have guarded the gateway, and for those years the Guardians have been incomplete. When Aggie’s grandmother passed, the last things she expected was to be asked to join with eight hunky Guardians in order to help save a bunch of demon children who have been kidnapped. Through ever-changing storms and dangerous weather, they must figure out who is responsible and try and bring the children home in one piece. Too bad Aggie has to make a life-changing decision. Will she choose to accept her waiting powers by bonding with the Guardians or will she live the life of her ancestors and not fulfill her destiny? IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a reverse harem novel featuring many hot men, steamy sex and adult situations, magical creatures, demons, vampires, shifters, along with a woman who knows how to take charge of the situation, and so much more!

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Shifting Tides of Chaos – 

How does one learn to control a gateway made up of doorknobs? When the Gatekeeper keeps being pulled away to help save everyone, when will she find time to learn? A rebellion is brewing in the shifter realm. The Guardians are needed to help protect the shifter clans before the rebels wage a war of epic proportions. Something doesn’t feel right, but no one can figure out what it is. Is Mitchell going to have to defend his rights as Alpha? Will Aggie learn to put her trust in those around her, who only want to help in any way they can? Or is her destiny more than she can handle?

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II’m writing faster now and this book is 3rd in line for my upcoming releases. So my goal is starting January is a book a month. Bear with me and hang on because you’re in for a wild ride!!!!!

2019 is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!


I’m working as fast as I can and momentum is picking up this book is 4th in line in my upcoming releases but I’m writing 2 books while book 2 (SToC) is in editing. 

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